Latisse: Throw Your False Lashes Away!

Let’s be frank, ladies. Long, dark, full eyelashes are one of the most seductive features you can have. That is why we spend tons of money annually to buy the best length and volume building mascaras, the fanciest faux lashes we can find and countless minutes daily to enhance our eyes with liner, shadow and lots of makeup. If you’re tired of wasting time and having to wear false lashes every day because of skimpy, natural lashes, consider the only FDA-approved lash-growing serum on the planet. Latisse® is the queen of beautiful eyelashes because it really works, is safe and simple to use, and grows and enhances your own natural lashes.

Clinical Studies Have the Proof

Latisse® has had plenty of clinical studies performed, and the numbers tell the story. The lash serum works pretty fast, so by eight weeks, users will notice results. By the 12th week to the 16th week, total results appear in length, fullness and for some, darkening.

The studies also showed that after four months of Latisse® treatment, eyelashes were 25-percent longer, 106-percent thicker and 18-percent darker. Every individual client is unique, so growth is gradual over time.

Other eyelash growing competitors promise lush, thick lashes, but these products are mainly lash conditioners and do not actually grow eyelashes but make them soft and appear fuller.

Easy to Apply at Home

Our beauty specialist or skin care expert can show you how to apply prescription Latisse® the proper way at night. The serum comes with its own applicator brushes, and according to directions, you are to apply one drop on a brush to the upper eyelid only. Then, toss that brush away. Repeat the process to the other eyelid with a new brush. Each Latisse® prescription contains a 30-day supply.

The Latisse® website also features a video demonstrating the right way to apply their lash-growing serum. Following four months of treatment, most patients use the “maintenance dosage” and apply Latisse® two or three times a week to keep their eyelashes long, thick and dark.

If you weren’t blessed with long, full lashes, you are not alone. That is why Latisse® has become the one and only beauty solution. Here at Medical Aesthetics of New England, PC, we can show you exactly how the prescription treatment works and what it can do for you. Our friendly, aesthetic experts are well-trained in all cutting edge products and procedures. We are conveniently located in Acton and Leominster/Fitchburg, MA. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!