Laser Skin Tightening

Aging is more than just fine lines and wrinkles – if you’re athletic or even moderately active, you’ve probably spent more time than you should in the sun. If you’re over thirty, it’s more than likely that your skin is now showing signs of premature aging due to sun damage.

The leading-edge technology of the Affirm™ Multiplex Laser rejuvenation treatments are highly effective in improving the overall texture and quality of aged or sun-damaged skin by reducing enlarged pores, lines and uneven pigmentation, sagging skin, wrinkled skin, removing sun spots and pigmented lesions, and giving you a more revitalized and youthful appearance than you’ve had in years.

Unlike an ablative laser that vaporizes the top layer of skin or resurfaces it through thousands of micro-cuts, the Affirm™ Multiplex is a non-ablative, or “non-wounding” laser, so no skin is removed during treatment. Affirm™ Multiplex actually works beneath the surface of the skin, combining two wavelengths of light in a single procedure.

The first wavelength penetrates more deeply into tissue than more traditional lasers, conducting energy into the deeper dermal layers to tighten underlying tissues and produce a more dramatic stimulation of new collagen and elastin growth. This replaces older, damaged tissue with tauter, firmer, more elastic skin that is less likely to sag over time. The second wavelength works on the upper skin layers by targeting photo-damaged and aged skin, sagging skin, wrinkled skin, removing fine lines and other mild to moderate skin damage. In addition to making skin more supple, the plumping effects of collagen produced by the procedure helps improve pitted acne scars and minimizes superficial lines.

Less invasive because it does not destroy tissue, the overall treatment process is gradual, with a faster recovery time, and does not even require local anesthesia.  Since the skin surface remains intact, the Affirm™ Multiplex is also ideal for treating wrinkled skin and sagging skin in delicate areas like the eyelid and the under-eye area and reducing visible or unsightly veins on the face.

Safe for all skin types, even darker skin, the overall result of Affirm™ laser skin rejuvenation is a healthier looking and more vibrant appearance!


  • What areas can be treated?

    • Most commonly treated are the face, neck and chest,but any area where you wish to tighten sagging skin—including the knees, stomach, upper arms and inner thighs—can be safely and effectively treated. Affirm™ laser therapy is also safe for all skin types, which is not true of many other lasers.

      We also treat eyelid wrinkles, a delicate area that very few others are able to address effectively.

  • How many treatments will I need?

    • In the beginning the treatment results are often very subtle; on average you may require 4 to 6 treatments at one-month intervals in order to achieve optimum results. Every patient’s needs vary; some conditions may require more.

  • Will it get rid of these unsightly veins on my face?

    • Facial vessels (facial telangiectasia), are small dilated or ruptured blood vessels that usually appear around the nose and cheek area, and above the neckline. Prolonged sun exposure, smoking, aging, trauma, genetics and other factors can cause micro-veins, or capillaries, to become dilated and visible. Affirm™ laser rejuvenation will reduce them and make them less visible.

  • What about the rosacea or red patches on my face?

    • The general appearance of facial redness commonly affects the nose, forehead and cheeks. While this condition also results from dilated blood vessels just like facial telangiectasia (see above), the effect is one of an overall redness rather than discrete or well-defined veins. Affirm™ laser therapy can gently treat and reduce this condition.

  • Do I have to do anything special before a treatment?

    • All you will need to do is remove your makeup or moisturizer before the procedure; in some cases you might need to shave the area to be treated. That’s it!

  • Will it hurt?

    • The treatment sensation is one of gentle warming of the skin, which does not usually require any topical anesthetic. If you find the sensation of heat is uncomfortable, both a specialized cooling unit and topical numbing cream are available to eliminate any discomfort.

  • What will I look like afterward?

    • The huge advantage of non-ablative laser resurfacing is that there is little, if any post-recovery time. Your skin will look mildly sunburned immediately afterward but this usually fades fairly quickly – at the most, it may last up to 24-48 hours after the treatment. You can apply make-up immediately afterward to conceal any after effects, and then resume your normal activities.