February 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

Our special Valentine treats for you:

♥ 20% off all fillers
♥ If you have not already tried our new Vaser Shape, as featured on Dr. Oz, this is your opportunity to try a treatment at half price. Visit our website to see this on Dr. Oz.
♥ Let our 4 session fractional Affirm laser package at 20% off help you with your fine lines on your face, neck, chest and/or hands and ask about our specially priced Affirm & IPL for total rejuvenation.
♥ Treat yourself to a laser hair removal package and receive the second package (of same or lesser value) at half price.

Just as we like to provide you with excellent care and service, we would also like you to know that we continuously attend training and seminars to keep up to date with new techniques and treatments to offer you the best possible treatment and care.

We keep our pricing competitive and purchase our supplies from only the best and most reputable providers. That said, when you do price shop, please keep the following in mind:

Be aware of illicit Botox being sold by a Canadian drug company for a much cheaper price that has been reported to cause potential complications. Similarly, the FDA has stated HCG homeopathic drops are illegal. We use only physician supervised prescription HCG.
Illegal Canadian Botox Illegal Homeopathic HCG drops

Please let us know if you have any questions or would like further explanations on these subjects.

Come enjoy our Valentine Treats during the month of February and join us for some hot cocoa and chocolates!