<img src="images/sslogo1.png"/> <div style='background:#97151a;color:white;padding:1rem'>Come celebrate our eighth year Anniversary with savings on many of our services</div> <div style='padding:1rem'>Tattoo ‘not you’? Laser treatment can remove unwanted ink!</div> <div style='padding:1rem'>BOTOX and fillers will help you look as young as you feel</div> <div style='padding:1rem'>Smartlipo+ VASER can sculpt & reveal a new you</div> <div style='padding:1rem'>Physician monitored HCG diet shots will take the pounds off</div> <div style='padding:1rem'>VASER Shape surgery-free body contouring & skin tightening</div> <div style='padding:1rem'>Laser removal for unwanted hair or unsightly veins</div> <div style='padding:1rem'>Fat transfer to face, hands or body to restore firmness & volume</div> <div style='padding:1rem'>Laser rejuvenation firms skin & removes sun damage</div> <div style='padding:1rem'>Physician-grade cosmeceuticals to prolong your treatment results</div> <div style='padding:1rem'>Interview? Date? Professional teeth whitening for extra confidence</div> <div style='padding:1rem'>Hormone replacement can do more for you both than Viagra can</div> <div style='padding:1rem'>Clear Concept Acne Program - put your best face forward</div>

The fastest-growing segment of the innovative personal-care industry, cosmeceuticals are cosmetics made with physician-grade/pharmaceutical substances - many are available only by prescription! These specialized clinical ingredients influence the healthy biological function of the skin by improving skin texture, tone and radiance while reducing wrinkles. Topically applied like regular cosmetics, these products are ideal for application post-treatment, as they promote prompt healing and prolong treatment effects.


Welcome to Medical Aesthetics of New England

Our medical laser center represents the latest advances in the art of facial and body rejuvenation. Combining the luxury elements of a spa with the safety and superior clinical capabilities of the medical profession, we are one of the fastest-growing practices in New England.

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